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Air Conditioning Duct Plate, Purification Plate, Fireproof, Customized Double-sided Color Steel Phenolic Plate by Manufacturer

Thickness :
  • Air conditioning duct plate

  • WT

Product Description

The W.T color steel phenolic sandwich purification board is an innovative and advanced thermal insulation material. It is made by combining outer double-sided color steel plates and phenolic foam through a unique production process. This product has a sandwich structure, with excellent bonding between layers due to the special treatment of the double-sided non-woven fabric. The middle layer of phenolic foam insulation is created using advanced foaming technology, resulting in fine foam, uniform density, and reliable strength and thermal insulation performance.


Product Characteristics

What Makes Color Steel Phenolic Insulation Board a Good Choice?

Color steel phenolic insulation board is a type of HVAC board that consists of polystyrene foam plastic and colored steel or aluminum foil on both sides. It can also be filled with rock wool or glass fiber.

Phenolic boards are extensively employed in air-conditioning ducts and house insulation. Among the various options available, the most commonly used duct insulation boards are aluminum foil phenolic boards and color steel phenolic boards.

Data Sheet

Product Name

Sandwich board

Core Material

phenolic foam

Usual thick


Acid resistance of decorative surface

48 hours without abnormality

Alkali resistance of decorative surface

96 hours without abnormality

Salt fog resistance of decorative surface

120 hours without abnormality

Compressive strength

0.13 Mpa

Bending breaking force

47 N

Thermal conductivity


Formaldehyde emission

0.014 mg/m ³


60/90/120 Class A Non combustible




Product Category

W.T Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise, focus on research and manufacturing. With the cohesion and forward-looking awareness of our management team, we became to the modern enterprises.



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