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High Quality Fiberglass Cloth AL-7628

  • AL-7628

  • WT


 Product Description

What are the main characteristics of aluminum foil composite glass fiber cloth?

  1. The corrosion resistance has been significantly enhanced: a unique anti-corrosion coating is applied to the surface of the aluminum foil glass fiber fabric, resulting in a substantial improvement in its corrosion resistance. Additionally, the polyethylene hot-air bonding technique is utilized, eliminating the need for any composite adhesive. This prevents potential corrosion and mold issues on the aluminum foil surface that may arise from residual moisture or solvent from the adhesive used in the composite process.

  2. By utilizing direct hot pressing and compounding, the requirement for compound adhesives is eliminated, resulting in cost savings for veneer compounding.

  3. The water vapor permeability is reduced, and the water vapor resistance is enhanced: the thickness of the heat-sealed polyethylene layer within the glass fiber cloth aluminum foil is greater compared to the usual covering, leading to a decrease in water vapor permeability. As a result, the water vapor resistance is improved, providing reliable protection for materials like glass thermal insulation cotton.

  4. Improved tensile strength and stronger surface layer: Aluminum foil coated with glass fiber cloth offers superior mechanical durability compared to reinforced aluminum foil, making it the ideal choice for seamless adhesion in glass wool, rock wool, and mineral wool manufacturing plants.

  5. The surface of the aluminum foil is now smoother, which decreases the likelihood of any damage occurring. This is due to the use of glass fiber cloth and a thicker layer of polyethylene, resulting in a finer cloth and a smoother surface. As a result, the aluminum foil is more resistant to frictional damage and performs better as a barrier against water vapor.


 Product Introdution

7628 PET膜-1

Aluminum foil thickness : 7/14/18/25/36/50


Coating : Aluminum foil/metalize film/F.R aluminized

Fiberglass cloth type : Plain weave/twill weave

Fiberglass cloth weight : 95g/sm, 110g/sm, 200g/sm, 430g/sm, FW600, HT2025, HT3784, M24, M30, or as your requirement

Width : 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m

Length : 50m, 100m or as your requirement.

Product specifications support customization.


 Data Parameter

Item No. AL-7628
THREAD COUNT WARP 17.3per cm 43.94 per inch
WEFT 12.5 per cm 31.75 per inch
WIEIGHT 200 g/ m2 5.8 OZ/YD2
THICKNESS 0.2 mm 0.008 inch
COATING Aluminum foil/Metalized film/Aluminum foil + PET
COATING THICKNESS 7micron/18micron/25micron 0.28mil/0.7mil/0.98mil
TENSILE WARP 2025 N/5cm 225 lbs/inch
STRENG WEFT 1620 N/5cm 180 lbs/inch
WIDTH 120cm 48 inch
150cm 60 inch
SERVICE TEMPERATURE Fiberglass is 550℃, while mucilage is 300℃


 Product Application




Product Category

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