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Wet And Stick Aluminized Non Woven Fiberglass Cloth

  • AL-M33



Product Description

The main density of glass fiber cloth is; 8 * 8/10 * 10/12 * 12 * 14/14 * 14/13 * 16/16 * 16/1/20 * 20/22/24 * 24. The width is divided into 250mm, 330mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1050mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 2000mm. Different widths are used according to the pipe diameter and different uses. For example : Glass wool board and rock wool board are usually 1000mm and 1250mm wide. Our company can customize the density, width and meters according to customer needs. The basic material of glass fiber cloth is alkali free glass fiber yarn, and its production process is generally made of reinforced wetting agent. Glass fiber cloth is an insulating binding material for motors, pipes and electrical appliances because of its good insulating performance, high temperature resistance and other advantages. It can make the motor obtain superior insulation performance, prolong the service life of the motor and pipeline, reduce the volume and weight.

Why choose us 

The glass cloth we produce can be divided into alkali free and medium alkali glass cloth. Most of the E-GLASS alkali free glass cloth is produced abroad. Glass cloth is mainly used to produce various electrical insulating laminates, printed circuit boards, vehicle bodies, storage tanks, boats, molds, etc. The medium alkali glass cloth is mainly used in the production of plastic coated packaging cloth and corrosion resistant occasions. The characteristics of fabric are determined by fiber properties, warp and weft density, yarn structure and weave pattern. The warp and weft density is determined by the yarn structure and weave pattern. The combination of warp and weft and yarn structure determines the physical properties of the fabric, such as weight, thickness and breaking strength. There are five basic weaves: plain plan (similar to checkered cloth), twill twill (generally+- 45 degrees), satin statin (similar to one-way cloth), rib leno (the main weaving method of glass fiber gridding cloth) and mat matts (similar to Oxford cloth).

Industrial heat insulation, oil pipe coating, cable insulation coating, exhaust pipe insulation coating, bolt flange connection, oil drilling rig brake shoe, thermal radiation, high temperature furnace door curtain and high temperature friction reinforcement materials for machinery, insulation of soft and hard pipes, fireproof shell and other insulation protection layers, insulation of ship equipment, compared with asbestos cloth, it has the outstanding advantages of no dust, no damage to human body, etc., and is a substitute for asbestos cloth.
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