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Product features: 

Glass magnesium board has high temperature resistance, flame retardancy, sound absorption, shock resistance, insect resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof, lightweight anti-corrosion, non-toxic, odorless and pollution-free. It can be directly painted or veneered, and can be air nailed or directly tiled. The surface has good coloring properties, high strength, bending resistance, and toughness. It can be nailed, sawed, and glued, making decoration convenient. It can also be combined with various insulation materials to make composite insulation boards.

Product Usage:

Our fireproof board is a versatile and widely-used material with a multitude of applications. It serves as an excellent alternative to wood plywood and can be used for wall panels, ceiling boards, fireproof boards, waterproof boards, packaging boxes, and more. It is also utilized as an interior decoration tool, replacing wooden panels for applications such as wall panels, window boards, door panels, and furniture. Additionally, our fireproof board can be customized with mixed paint or water-based paint and can be processed into various types of surfaces. It is suitable for projects in damp environments, including basements, civil defense facilities, and mines. Furthermore, it can be combined with various insulation materials to create composite insulation boards. Trust our professional-grade fireproof board for its wide range of applications and its ability to enhance fire resistance and insulation in your projects.

Product performance:

Excellent fire resistance: Glass magnesium board has good fire resistance performance and is a non combustible board. The flame lasts for zero, with no combustion at 800 ℃ and no flames at 1200 ℃, reaching the highest fire resistance level of A1. The partition system made of high-quality keel has a fire resistance limit of more than 3 hours. During the combustion process, it can absorb a large amount of heat energy and delay the rise of surrounding environmental temperature.

Waterproof and moisture-proof: In dry, cold, and humid weather, the performance of the glass magnesium board is always stable and not affected by condensation water droplets and humid air. Even if it is soaked in water for several days and taken out, it will naturally air dry without deformation or softening, and can be used normally without any moisture absorption or rehalogenation phenomenon. After testing, the board body has no permeability.

Lightweight and seismic resistant: The apparent density of glass magnesium panels is 0.8-1.2g/cm3, which reduces the building load, reduces the weight of the interior walls by more than 60%, and increases the usage area by 5-8%. Lightweight is beneficial for seismic resistance of structures and effectively reduces the cost of foundations and structural components.

Environmental protection and health: Glass magnesium panels are free from asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene, and harmful radioactive elements. They are smokeless, non-toxic, and odorless when exposed to fire. The materials used for production are natural mineral powder and plant fibers. The production process is naturally maintained, consumes less energy, does not discharge pollutants, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. When used, the board surface does not contain powder. Its unique natural fine pore structure can adjust indoor temperature, making living and working more comfortable.

Fireproof Board

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