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Color Steel Phenolic Purification Board


Product Description

W.T color steel phenolic sandwich purification board is a new type of high-tech composite thermal insulation material. This product is a one-time continuous production of outer double-sided color steel plate and phenolic foam through a special production line, with a sandwich structure. The double-sided non-woven fabric is specially treated to ensure good bonding between layers; the intermediate phenolic foam insulation layer adopts advanced foaming technology, the foam is fine, the density is uniform, and the strength and thermal insulation performance are reliably guaranteed.


Product Characteristics

W.T color steel phenolic sandwich purification board has good flame retardant and fire resistance, light weight, convenient construction, water repellency, good environmental protection, no toxic and harmful gas release, excellent thermal insulation performance, no shrinkage or deformation, and reduced follow-up maintenance costs, etc. It avoids the defects of loose rock wool color steel plate core material, poor flatness and poor thermal insulation performance of glass magnesium color steel plate core material widely used in the market at present. It is suitable for all kinds of food workshops, clean rooms, dust-free laboratories, etc..

Data Sheet

Product Name

Sandwich board

Core Material

phenolic foam

Usual thick


Acid resistance of decorative surface

48 hours without abnormality

Alkali resistance of decorative surface

96 hours without abnormality

Salt fog resistance of decorative surface

120 hours without abnormality

Compressive strength

0.13 Mpa

Bending breaking force

47 N

Thermal conductivity


Formaldehyde emission

0.014 mg/m ³


60/90/120 Class A Non combustible




Product Category

W.T Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise, focus on research and manufacturing. With the cohesion and forward-looking awareness of our management team, we became to the modern enterprises.



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