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HVAC High Pressure Glass Phenolic Board

  • Air conditioning duct plate

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The advantages of color steel phenolic board


1. Light and simple: It effectively reduces the building load, which is one-third of the average weight of the traditional iron sheet air duct, dramatically reduces the importance of the finished pipe, and reduces the labor intensity of construction;

2. No air leakage and no cold bridge: Compared with the connection method of the iron sheet air duct, the color steel phenolic board adopts the same polyurethane foam as the board core and glues it together. All the gaps are filled with polyurethane foam, which is impossible. Air leakage phenomenon, as well as special broken bridge heat insulation flange, can effectively prevent the occurrence of cold bridge phenomenon;

3. Effectively reduce noise: Color steel hvac insulation phenolic board adopts laser micro-piercing technology according to the theories and technology of micro-perforated board noise reduction theories, which can effectively reduce noise and directly replace the muffler. The embossed aluminum foil absorbs the vibration and echo and polyurethane foam, which eliminates the resonance phenomenon of the traditional iron sheet air duct and its "bang, bang" noise;

4. Three effects of one air duct: color steel phenolic board air duct and thermal insulation, sound-absorbing materials are combined into one, with no need for secondary thermal insulation processing, thereby improving construction efficiency and saving the construction space caused by secondary construction. waste;

5. Shorten the construction period: because of the lightweight, integrated design and mature construction technology, the construction period can be shortened to about 1/5 compared with the iron sheet air duct;

6. Energy saving and heat preservation: the thermal conductivity of the color steel insulated duct board is only 0.020w/MK, compared with 0.047w/MK of glass wool, the heat preservation effect of the same thickness is more than twice;

7. Environmental protection design: Polyurethane sheet is free of harmful substances such as Freon and formaldehyde, while glass wool contains AI-causing substances, which will cause itching, redness, and other symptoms when it is stained on the skin;

8. Maintenance-free and long service life: The color steel phenolic board has been treated with anti-corrosion, acid, and alkali resistance to ensure a service life of up to 20 years, eliminating the cost of frequent maintenance;

9. Beautiful and durable: the unique air duct production process and mature construction plan, as well as the choice of color steel for different air ducts, bid farewell to the single color of traditional air ducts;

Compared with aluminum foil phenolic board, color steel double faced insulation board has not only the advantages of double-sided aluminum foil phenolic composite air duct but also has good surface stiffness and strength, and it can effectively resist collision and impact; its pressure bearing capacity is greatly enhanced, and its fire resistance In order not to burn Class A, the scope of use has been expanded, and it is a high-end product in the field of new air ducts on the market.

Product Description


Conventional thickness 20mm, 25mm, 30mm Bending strength ≥1.1 MPa
Length/Width (mm) 2000x1200, 3000x1200, 4000x1200 Leakage air volume ≤ 1.2%
Fireproof rating A2 Thermal resistance 0.86 m2K/W
Density of core material 60-70kg/m3 Smoke density ≤9, no toxic gas release
Water absorption ≤3.7% Dimension stability ≤2% (70±2℃, 48h)
Thermal conductivity 0.019-0.02 W(mK) Oxygen index ≥45
Heat resistance -150 ~ +150℃ Duration of fire resistance >1.5h
Wind resistance strength ≤1500 Pa Formaldehyde Emission ≤0.5Mg/L
Compression strength ≥0.18 MPa Air flow max 15M/s

Product Details

Advantages of phenolic board

Product application
Application of phenolic board
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