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Product Characteristics and Development Trend of Sandwich Board

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Product Characteristics and Development Trend of Sandwich Board

In the current society, a Sandwich board is widely used in the maintenance of exterior walls, mainly because it has features that other products do not have, and the price is relatively suitable. It is a product with a good price/performance ratio, so many engineering companies have chosen it. In addition, the Sandwich board is usually composed of two layers of colored steel plates, and the middle of the board is a rigid foamed polyhelium ester plate. Anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and weather resistance properties. Next, let's take a look at the product features and development trends of the Sandwich board.

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  • l What are the product characteristics of the Sandwich board?

  • l The development trend of Sandwich board.

What are the product characteristics of the Sandwich board?

Sandwich board is a one-time continuous production of outer and double-sided color steel Sandwich board and phenolic foam through a special production line, with a sandwich structure. The double-sided non-woven fabric is specially treated to ensure good adhesion between layers; the intermediate phenolic foam insulation layer adopts advanced foaming technology, the foam is fine, the density is uniform, and the strength and thermal insulation performance are reliably guaranteed. WT color steel phenolic Sandwich board has good flame retardant and fire resistance, is lightweight, has convenient construction, water repellency, good environmental protection, no release of toxic and harmful gases, excellent thermal insulation performance, and no shrinkage or deformation. We have a wide variety of steel colors. According to the actual use of customers, we can match the appropriate colors to make the environment more harmonious and beautiful. WT single-sided color steel composite phenolic insulation board and WT double-sided color steel composite phenolic foam insulation board are very durable and more fashionable in appearance. White, black, blue, and other colors can be customized according to client conditions.

The development trend of Sandwich board.

Color steel Sandwich board not only has the properties of high mechanical strength and easy forming of steel materials but also has good decoration and corrosion resistance of coating materials. Color steel Sandwich board is an emerging material respected in the world today. With the advancement of science and technology, the enhancement of environmental awareness, and the improvement of people's living standards, color steel Sandwich board prefab houses are increasingly showing strong vitality and broad market prospects. Office appliances and other diligence of all periods.

The cores used in the color sword Sandwich board substantially include phenolic froth, polyphenylene, extruded polystyrene, rigid polyurethane, tri-polyester, gemstone hair, etc. The phenolic froth has excellent incombustible and thermal sequestration parcels, which cannot be replaced by other accouterments. For illustration, the thermal sequestration effect of phenolic froth is further than twice that of polystyrene, and its fire resistance is also more advanced than that of polyurethane. When polyurethane is burned, it'll releases a thick bank containing hydrogen cyanide. With the country's emphasis on erecting fire protection and the preface of applicable laws, it's believed that the phenolic color sword Sandwich board will produce a blue sky in the construction field.

For further Sandwich board-related questions, please communicate with us. Times of accumulated R&D and product experience give you further product services and specialized support! Our sanctioned website is https//www.wt-insulation.com/. Our company adheres to the commercial culture of" quality first, the client first", and always makes running sweats to come to a professional Sandwich board supplier in the assiduity.

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