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Selection Method and Precautions of Color Steel Sandwich Board

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Selection Method and Precautions of Color Steel Sandwich Board

Color steel Sandwich board is a relatively common building material in decoration at present, but many people do not know much about color steel Sandwich board, which brings great hidden dangers to our purchase. Next, W.T Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd. will introduce the selection method and precautions for color steel Sandwich boards.

Here is the content list:

  • How to buy high-quality color steel Sandwich boards?

  • What are the precautions for the storage and handling of the Sandwich board?

How to buy high-quality color steel Sandwich boards?

First, observe the leakage edge of the colored steel sandwich board. When you get the sandwich board, first observe the exposed steel of the color steel plate, such as the section, whether there is small crystallization, there are no gray, dark, or impurities. If the cutting surface is fine, the quality is relatively superior. Two, tap the colored steel plate with your fingers or hard objects. If the color steel plate quality is poor, the sound will be dull, the metal sound is not obvious. The metal sound of a better-color steel plate is louder and clearer. Third, observe the thickness of the substrate and the thickness of the coating. Color steel sandwich board consists of a substrate and a color peritoneum or coating. We need to consider the thickness of the substrate and coating. The better color steel plate substrate is 0.02~0.05mm, and the thickness of coating or coating is often only below 0.15mm. Four, check the quality certificate of the color steel Sandwich board. Are there inspection standards for relevant departments? If possible, try to visit the manufacturer of the sandwich board on-site. See what the business environment is like, whether it's formal or not. Find out what the company's reputation is in the market. Finally, in the actual selection process, it is necessary to check whether the overall flame retardant performance of the sandwich board is very good. There are different sandwich boards in the market. We should look at these basic features when selecting to make sure they are used. It could also play a better role in terms of value.

What are the precautions for the storage and handling of the Sandwich board?

Before installing the Sandwich board on the construction site, it is necessary to keep the factory packaging as much as possible and store it indoors as much as possible. If it needs to be stacked outdoors, be sure to choose a flat location. If a lifting device or an overweight object is passing through, the bottom needs to be padded with a height of 20 cm, and the two Sandwich boards need to be separated by a soft material. The boards of the same type need to be placed together and pasted for easy identification. The label should be covered with a rain-proof tarpaulin, and a temporary enclosure should be used around the site to prevent unnecessary damage caused by people walking around.

When transporting the Sandwich board, both ends need to be lifted at the same time to prevent damage to the surface oxide film or coating. When installing the wall panel, only one sandwich panel can be lifted at a time. Special clamps should be used in the length direction of the wall panel. Lift at two points in the splicing position. The whole process needs to be done slowly. Use wind rope auxiliary control to prevent collision with the installation.

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