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Some Related Information on the Sandwich Board

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Some Related Information on the Sandwich Board

With the rapid development of the construction industry, wall and roof insulation materials emerge one after another. Sandwich board is widely welcomed because of the excellent fireproof performance and thermal insulation function of raw materials, especially its characteristics such as lightweight, easy cutting, and easy construction, and it is widely used in building construction. And it can not only be used in the fields of filling walls and roof insulation, such as commercial office buildings, commercial stores, supermarkets, logistics centers, production and storage centers, and other building exterior wall and roof insulation. It can also be used in indoor partitions and ceilings, such as in industrial the thermal insulation field of public buildings such as factories, airports, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, hospitals, etc. Next, let's take a look at some related information on the Sandwich board.

Here is the content list:

  • Identification of good and bad Sandwich boards.

  • Precautions for the installation of Sandwich board partitions

  • Fire protection recommendations for Sandwich board.

Identification of good and bad Sandwich boards.

A Sandwich board is a kind of Sandwich board made of rock wool core material. Its unique properties make it have significant effects in fire prevention, heat insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation, and other aspects. But it is precisely because of our high frequency of use and large market demand that Sandwich board manufacturers are increasingly generalizing, resulting in uneven quality. The quality of the Sandwich boards on the market is different, and the price is also high and low. This market chaos has caused many consumers to be troubled in choice. To find a better quality Sandwich board, the first is to check whether the core material of the Sandwich board is uniform in color and whether the yellow and white separation is serious; The second is to see if the glue is agglomerated. Finally, the amount of slag, to see if there is any large slag. A good Sandwich board core material has fine cotton filaments, yellow color, even distribution of glue, no large amount of slag, relatively flat overall, and no damage or stains that hinder the use.

Precautions for the installation of Sandwich board partitions

Before assembling the wall panels and ceiling panels, the material, type, size, characteristics, and characteristics of the panels and core material of the sandwich panels should be checked to verify whether they can meet the design requirements. When necessary, the Sandwich board needs to be sampled for flame retardancy, safety, non-toxicity, compressive strength, and otherSandwich board functions. If you want to carry out construction on wall panels and ceiling panels, you should let the sandwich wall appear to have been constructed. Completed, and meet the project acceptance standards. The surface of the Sandwich board should be neat, smooth, and consistent in color, and the protective film on the surface of the well and the board should be intact.

Fire protection recommendations for Sandwich board.

Color steel Sandwich board can be fireproof from six aspects: First, rock wool with good fireproof performance is used as the core material, which is a solution to the root cause. Second, during the construction process, the core material should be kept away from open flame operations such as electric welding and gas welding. Third, during the use process, some heat sources and fire sources should not be close to the steel plate, and a certain distance should be maintained. If you want to set up a kitchen in the color steel Sandwich board room, you need a thermal insulation layer, and the wall should be equipped with a fire-resistant rock wool thermal insulation layer. Fourth, it is best not to pass wires and cables through the core material. Protective casings, sockets, and switch boxes should be made of metal galvanized boxes and installed in the open. Fifth, simple fire extinguishing equipment should be equipped indoors and outdoors, and fire alarms should be installed if conditions permit to facilitate the rapid evacuation of personnel. Sixth, color steel A safety distance of at least 6 meters must be maintained between Sandwich board rooms. The sandwich filling material of color steel Sandwich board room without strict flame retardant treatment is flammable, but it will not spontaneously ignite. Strict, scientific, and effective management to keep the fire away from the flammable color steel Sandwich board room sandwich filling material is one of the important ways to prevent the occurrence of fire in the colored steel Sandwich board room.

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