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Research on the Development and Application of New Thermal Insulation Materials

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Research on the Development and Application of New Thermal Insulation Materials

Abstract: With the development of modernization construction and the improvement of people's living standards, a comfortable building thermal environment has increasingly become a necessity for people's daily lives. In developed countries, suitable indoor temperature has become a basic demand for people.

1. Building insulation materials

Broadly speaking, various building materials used by people in the past also have certain thermal insulation properties.

It has made due contributions to the development of human society. With the development of technology, people are no longer satisfied.

To improve living conditions, efforts should be made to continuously improve production conditions. So from a more rigorous scientific perspective.

From a perspective, thermal insulation materials should have better performance and meet the requirements of various buildings, equipment, and specific requirements for thermal insulation materials in facilities. Therefore, the production and application of such materials should be strictly controlled .

The selection of raw materials, scientific process operations, clear product quality standards, and correct testing methods are essential.

The composition of thermal insulation composite materials is generally composed of raw materials with excellent thermal insulation performance.

Adhesive materials, composed of various additives and auxiliary materials. The main raw materials should be lightweight, low thermal conductivity, and inexpensive.

Easy to buy, when the product is dried, it can form a fiber interwoven mesh state. High temperature fire-resistant bonding materials.

The high-temperature adhesive currently developed and produced has a suitable temperature of around 700 ℃, and its adhesive strength and flexural strength some major technical indicators such as degree have reached the advanced level of similar products in China. There are various types of additives, such as dispersants, water increasing agents, antifreeze agents, emulsifiers, defoamers, curing agents, etc., their dosage is not large, but the quality of materials and products is closely related.

2. External wall insulation technology

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Talking about the construction technology of external wall insulation and the solutions to existing problems, effectively promoting building energy conservation, Improving the Energy Saving Technology of External Wall Insulation Discussion on the Application of Building Energy Saving Technology in Building External Wall Insulation Development of Building Engineering External Wall Energy Saving and Insulation Construction Technology Analysis and Control Measures of Cracking Peaks in Building External Wall Coating Finish Analysis and Pre control Measures of External Wall Insulation Wall Joint Problem Discussion on the Problems and Countermeasures of External Wall Insulation Energy Saving Technology Analysis of Green Energy Saving Building External Wall Insulation Application of External Wall Insulation Materials Developing flame retardancy, And the development of new materials for external wall insulation is an important means to continuously improve the insulation performance of external walls.

3. Production of new building materials using environmentally friendly materials

Due to the increasingly serious pollution in our environment and the deteriorating living conditions of people, we are paying more attention to environmental protection issues and constantly improving our environmental requirements for living at home. Due to the relatively serious environmental problems caused by the production process of building materials in the past, it has had a negative impact on the living environment of residents. This production method is gradually being phased out, and the demand for green and environmentally friendly building materials in the market is increasing year by year. So, in the development process of new building materials, more and more enterprises are starting to use environmentally friendly materials to produce new building materials. This not only ensures that the materials cause less pollution to the environment during the production process, but also does not have a significant impact on the environment during the use of building materials.

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