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Notes on Fireproof board

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Notes on Fireproof board

External wall fire insulation board is widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory countertops, exterior walls, and other fields. Its advantage is that the color will be brighter, the form of edge sealing is also very diverse, and it is also wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, scratch-resistant, impermeable, very easy to clean, moisture-proof, will not fade, delicate touch and affordable, etc. Next, let's take a look at the attention issues of Fireproof boards.

Here is the content list:

  • The selection of Fireproof board cabinet boards should be paid attention to

  • During construction, the problems that the Fireproof board should pay attention to

The selection of Fireproof board cabinet boards should be paid attention to

Thermal insulation foam board has become the leading product in the cabinet market because of its bright color, variety of patterns, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, easy cleaning, waterproof and moisture resistance, and has been chosen and accepted by more and more families. The selection of a Fireproof board cabinet board should pay attention to the following aspects.

  • Features of high-quality Fireproof board:

1. The pattern is clear and thorough, the effect is realistic, and the three-dimensional sense is strong.

2. There is no color difference.

3. The surface is smooth and wear-resistant.

  • The characteristics of an excellent substrate board:

1. The formaldehyde content of the density board does not exceed the standard.

2. There are no gaps in the wood board to see the section.

3. The surface is smooth and smooth, and the density is good. Special attention should be paid to whether the door panel is deformed when purchasing.

Some unscrupulous manufacturers use recycled MDF as the base material to produce cabinet panels. The door panels are easily deformed, and the self-tapping threads connecting the hinges are easy to fall off. Regardless of imported or domestic Fireproof board as the surface material, due to the large differences in the production quality and craftsmanship of the manufacturers, customers must check whether there is a "product quality certificate" issued by the provincial and municipal furniture quality inspection departments when purchasing. Prevent bad products from bringing hidden dangers to your family life.

During construction, the problems that the Fireproof board should pay attention to

1. The nails fixing the board must be trusted, or use stainless steel nails. Some overseas directly stipulate that the nails used in the construction of glass magnesium Fireproof boards must be stainless steel nails. Because there are chlorine salts in the glass magnesium Refractory phenolic foam board, the corrosion of chloride salts to iron is well-known in the world. Many projects in China that use Fireproof boards have rust spots on the surface of the embedded nail heads after more than a year, and after some time rust spots, it will bulge into lumps. But the more humid the quality environment, the sooner this problem will be exposed. To avoid this disadvantage, it is necessary to ensure that the nails are not corroded.

2. Caulking materials for Fire insulation board construction. The caulking material used for this product should have some flexibility and expansion properties to prevent the sheet from pulling seams. This kind of caulking material is not allowed to be formulated, and the cost is not high, so it is supplied or provided by the plate manufacturer.

If you are engaged in work related to Fireproof boards, you can communicate with us on the website, our official website is https://www.wt-insulation.com/. Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers and focus on building long-term partnerships, which we believe will lead us to a win-win situation. We are committed to putting our customers first, and we will be loyal, sincere, and responsible when we venture into the Air duct plate of central air conditioner business.

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