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Introduction and main features of Sound insulation board

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Introduction and main features of Sound insulation board

General objects have sound insulation effects, but we call the board with the average sound insulation (in an infinite space, an infinite material between the sound source and the measured point) over 30dB called the Composite aluminum foil flame retardant foam board. Sound insulation board is generally a low-density material. Next, let's take a look at the introduction and main features of the Sound insulation board.

Here is the content list:

  • What is a Sound insulation board?

  • What are the main features of the Sound insulation board?

What is a Sound insulation board?

A Sound insulation board is a board that acts on sound insulation. There is sound insulation in buildings and sound insulation in structures. The Sound insulation board is not able to block sounds of all frequencies. Objects have natural resonance frequencies. For sounds close to the resonance frequency of objects, the sound insulation effect of the Smoke control duct of underground garage will be significantly reduced.

What are the main features of the Sound insulation board?

1. Sound insulation board has large sound insulation: the average sound insulation is 30dB. Condition sound-absorbing cotton 48K, thickness 95 × height 500 × length 1000-3000.

2. Sound insulation board has weather resistance and durability: the product has water resistance, heat resistance, and UV resistance, and will not cause performance degradation or abnormal quality due to changes in rainwater temperature. The sound insulation barrier of the product is made of an endurance board, galvanized endurance board, and glass wool, and the surface of the H steel column is galvanized. The anti-corrosion period is more than 15 years.

3. The External wall fire insulation board is beautiful: you can choose a variety of colors and shapes to combine and coordinate with the surrounding environment to form a beautiful landscape.

4. Sound insulation board economy: Prefabricated construction improves work efficiency, shortens construction time, and saves construction and labor costs.

5. Sound insulation board is convenient: it can be installed in parallel with other products, easy to maintain and update.

6. Sound insulation board safety: Both ends of the sound absorption board are connected and fixed by Φ6.2 steel wire ropes to prevent secondary damage and cause personnel and property losses.

7. Sound insulation board is light: the sound insulation board series products have the characteristics of lightweight, and the square meter mass is less than 20 kg, which can reduce the load-bearing load of elevated light rail and elevated roads, and can reduce the structural cost.

8. Sound insulation board is fireproof: ultra-fine glass wool is used. Due to its high melting point and non-combustibility, it fully meets the requirements of environmental protection and fire prevention regulations, and its fire resistance reaches Class A.

9. Sound insulation board is durable: the product design has fully considered the wind load of the road, the impact safety of traffic vehicles, and the open-air anti-corrosion in all weathers.

10. Sound insulation board is waterproof and dustproof: its sound absorption will not be affected in dusty or rainy environments, and dust drainage measures have been set in the structure to avoid water accumulation inside the component.

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