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Wall Aluminum Foil High Density Phenolic Insulation Board

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Why Choose Phenolic Insulation Board?

The process of making phenolic insulation board involves using a plastic foam to create a layer of insulation between two flexible facing layers.

Just like PIR boards, phenolic insulation boards have a high amount of closed cells and a fine cell structure. To produce rigid phenolic insulation, a mixture of high solids and phenolic resin is combined with a substance that helps with surface action. The heat generated by this reaction forms numerous small bubbles within the material.

The foam is then cured and formed into thin sheets through a continuous process. These sheets are then laminated with different facings and cut into boards.

The wall high density phenolic insulation board is a top-notch thermal insulation material widely used in the construction industry. It is crafted from a rigid foam core made of phenolic, with a waterproof facing on both sides. This feature makes it perfect for external wall insulation systems. The high-density board boasts exceptional thermal insulation properties, with low thermal conductivity and fire resistance. Moreover, it offers excellent compressive strength and dimensional stability, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance. By installing wall high density phenolic insulation boards, you can achieve significant energy savings on heating and cooling expenses, while enhancing indoor comfort. They are user-friendly, lightweight, and resistant to water absorption and mold growth, making them an excellent choice for sustainable building projects.

Data Sheet





Conventional   thickness


Bending   strength

≥1.1 MPa

Length/Width   (mm)

2000x1200,   3000x1200, 4000x1200

Leakage   air volume

≤ 1.2%

Fireproof   rating


Thermal   resistance

0.86   m²K/W

Density   of core material


Smoke   density

≤9, no   toxic gas release

Water   absorption


Dimension   stability

≤2%   (70±2℃, 48h)

Thermal   conductivity

0.019-0.02   W(mK)

Oxygen   index


Heat   resistance

-150 ~   +150℃

Duration   of fire resistance


Wind   resistance strength

≤1500 Pa

Formaldehyde   Emission


Compression   strength

≥0.18   MPa




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