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Insulation board performance comparison

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Insulation board performance comparison

XPS Insulation board has a dense surface layer and a closed-cell inner layer. Its thermal conductivity is much lower than that of EPS with the same thickness, so it has better thermal insulation performance than EPS. For the same building's exterior wall, its thickness can be less than other types of insulation materials. Due to the closed cell structure of the inner layer. Therefore, it has good moisture resistance, and can still maintain good thermal insulation performance in a humid environment. It is suitable for buildings with special requirements for thermal insulation, such as cold storage, and can also be used for buildings whose exterior wall finishes are bricks or stones. Next, let's take a look at the performance comparison of the Fire insulation board.

Here is the content list:

  • Advantages of extruded insulation board.

  • Advantages of polyurethane insulation board.

Advantages of extruded insulation board.

Lightweight and easy to use: XPS Insulation board's completely closed-cell foaming chemical structure and its honeycomb physical structure make it lightweight and high-strength, easy to cut and transport, not easy to break, and easy to install. Since the extruded polystyrene and the base wall are fixed by mechanical fasteners, construction can be carried out as usual in winter.

Good stability and anti-corrosion: In long-term use, it will not age, decompose, or produce harmful substances. It can maintain its superior performance. According to relevant information, even if it is used for 30 to 40 years, the XPS extrusion Insulation decorative plate can still maintain excellent performance, it will not decompose or mildew, and there will be no volatilization of toxic substances.

Advantages of polyurethane insulation board.

High-efficiency thermal insulation Because the thermal conductivity of the foaming agent used in polyurethane is much lower than that of air (good thermal insulation performance). Therefore, the thermal insulation performance of rigid polyurethane foam is superior to those materials containing only air, such as mineral wool, glass fiber, and polystyrene. Moreover, its unique closed cells and high resistance to gas diffusion make it have superior long-term insulation performance, and its thermal insulation performance can last for 20-50 years or more. The closed-cell structure of the excellent corrosion-resistant polyurethane Insulation board makes it have superior air and water vapor resistance. And it can be made into a mosaic connection structure during molding, which is easy for post-assembly. It does not require additional insulation to protect against moisture, saving a lot of trouble laying insulation. These properties cannot be possessed by other insulating materials at the same time. Wide, lightweight, thin walls. Since the polyurethane Thermal insulation foam board acts as a structural material at the same time, the overall structure has the advantages of light weight, large span, and high load.

Compared with other insulation materials, polyurethane rigid foam has the best thermal insulation performance. Therefore, the thinner polyurethane insulation board can meet the relevant regulations on the limit of building energy consumption, which allows the use of thinner boards during construction and saves construction space. Polyurethane Insulation board has stable quality and high production efficiency. In the case of a sharp increase in demand, the factory production line of polyurethane insulation board not only facilitates quality control but also brings good economy and competitiveness. The polyurethane Insulation board has good weather resistance and is easy to install. After the polyurethane insulation board is prefabricated in the factory, it can be directly used for building installation without additional procedures, and the construction is quick. And there is no need to take into account changes in the weather, and production is carried out as planned.

For more questions about the Roof insulation board, please contact us. Years of accumulated experience in R&D and production will provide you with more product services and technical support! Our official website is https://www.wt-insulation.com/.

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