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Aluminum Foil Laminated Phenolic Insulation Panel for Exterior Wall

Thickness of aluminum foil:
  • Phenolic exterior wall panel

  • WT


 Product Description


Phenolic foam insulation is produced by combining a resole resin with an acid catalyst, blowing agents (such as pentane), and surfactants.

Not all insulation boards are equal. Compact phenolic panels are distinct. Phenolic foam is regarded as one of the top materials for thermal insulation. This article discusses Phenolic boards - the most efficient type of rigid insulation boards currently utilized. With up to 50% greater effectiveness than other commonly used insulation materials, Phenolic insulation achieves a lambda value of only 0.018 W/m·K across all thicknesses. It can be employed in various roof, wall, and floor applications, making it an excellent solution for a range of constructions.

The aluminum foil phenolic insulation panel is utilized in various industries for both thermal insulation and sound absorption purposes. This panel consists of a phenolic foam core and is covered on both sides with aluminum foil. The foam core provides outstanding thermal insulation qualities, while the aluminum foil acts as a protective barrier against moisture and UV damage. As a result, these panels offer exceptional insulation performance, as well as strength, low thermal conductivity, fire resistance, and vapor barrier properties. Additionally, they are easy to handle, install, and maintain, making them a popular choice for a wide range of industrial applications, such as HVAC ductwork, refrigeration, and cold storage systems.


 Product Parameter

Inspection Items Technology Index Inspection Items Technology Index
Conventional thickness 30-220mm Bending strength ≥1.1 MPa
Length/Width (mm) 2000x1200, 3000x1200, 4000x1200

( or as customized )

Leakage air volume ≤ 1.2%
Thickness of aluminum foil 0.025mm, 0.04mm, 0.06mm, 0.08mm ( or as customized ) Thermal resistance 0.86 m2K/W
Density of core material 40-60kg/m3 Smoke density ≤9, no toxic gas release
Water absorption ≤3.7% Dimension stability ≤2% (70±2℃, 48h)
Thermal conductivity 0.019-0.02 W(mK) Oxygen index ≥45
Heat resistance -150 ~ +150℃ Duration of fire resistance >1.5h
Air flow max 15M/s Formaldehyde Emission ≤0.5Mg/L
Compression strength ≥0.18 MPa Fireproof rating A2


 Product Details


Cut flat phenolic board


Many styles support customization.


Phenolic inner core flame retardant heat insulation


 Optional Surface



 Application Display

Overall Performance: Phenolic is a type of foam that has a compact structure preventing water movement and offering great heat insulation. However, it can deteriorate if exposed to sunlight or rough handling, therefore it requires protection from outdoor elements. Typically, a facing or jacketing material is added to the outer surface of phenolic pipe cover to ensure long-lasting performance.

Image 3




 Various Certificates


Relevant certificates: UL / SGS / MA / CNAS / EACC / IAF / Review of Fire Test Report / Class O Summary Report / Certificate of Compliance and so on.


Product Category

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