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The concept and function of Sound insulation board

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The concept and function of Sound insulation board

In daily life, the ubiquitous noise brings great disturbance to our work and life. To this end, the Refractory phenolic foam board plays an important role. Do you know what the concept of a Sound insulation board is? What is the function of a Sound insulation board?

Here is the content list:

  • What is the concept of a Sound insulation board?

  • What does the Sound insulation board do?

What is the concept of a Sound insulation board?

Sound is a wave-like energy that requires a medium to travel. When sound propagates in the same medium, the denser the medium, the faster the propagation speed. For example, the propagation speed in the air at normal temperature is about 340 m/s, and the propagation speed in railroad tracks is about 5200 m/s. Another kind of propagation of sound is the propagation across media. That is, from one medium, through the critical contact surface of two mediums to enter another medium. At this time, the transmission of sound energy is essentially the transmission of vibration amplitude. When propagating across media, the greater the density difference between the two media, the greater the loss of sound energy.

In practical applications, the air is the normal activity space for human beings, so materials with a greater density difference from the air are generally materials with very high density (there are not many materials with a much lower density than air except vacuum), that is It can be considered as sound insulation material. The higher the density, the better the sound insulation effect. The board made of such material is called a Sound insulation board.

The Sound insulation board is not able to block sounds of all frequencies. Objects have natural resonance frequencies. For sounds close to the resonance frequency of objects, the sound insulation effect of the Sound insulation board will be significantly reduced. Sound insulation board has the difference between air-isolated sound and vibration sound. Air Sound insulation board, that is, the board that blocks the sound transmitted in the air. The Refractory phenolic foam board is the plate and system that blocks the sound that propagates in rigid components (such as reinforced concrete monolithic houses).

What does the Sound insulation board do?

Sound insulation board is mainly used for urban rail transit noise barriers, expressway noise barriers, indoor noise barriers, air conditioners, mechanical noise barriers, etc. Sound insulation board has a wide range of functions, such as Composite aluminum foil flame retardant foam board to play a good sound insulation effect on the room. Because the sound insulation effect of the house also directly affects the quality of life, such as the sound of cars driving on the road. For example, the sound of neighbors walking, talking, and children making noise will affect the quality of our rest. For this reason, if a Sound insulation board is added to the house decoration, it can effectively insulate the sound. In addition, the Sound insulation board is installed on the expressway, which can solve the noise pollution generated by vehicles on the expressway, block the transmission of noise, and achieve sound insulation and noise reduction.

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