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See The Product Features And Related Parameters of The Fireproof Board

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See The Product Features And Related Parameters of The Fireproof Board

A Fireproof board is a decorative board made of a silicon material or calcium material as the main raw material mixed with a certain proportion of fiber material, lightweight aggregate, adhesive and chemical additives by autoclaving technology. The color of the External wall fire insulation boardis relatively bright, and the edge sealing forms are various. It is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, scratch-resistant, impermeable, easy to clean, moisture-proof, non-fading, delicate touch, and affordable. Next, let's take a look at the product features and related parameters of the Fireproof board.

Here is the content list:

  • Product features of Fireproof board

  • Related parameters of Fireproof board

Product features of Fireproof board

1. Thermal insulation: The thermal insulation and thermal insulation of a Fireproof board are six times that of glass, three times that of clay, and ten times that of ordinary concrete.

2. Lightweight and high strength: 1/4 of ordinary concrete and 1/3 of clay bricks, lighter than water, comparable to wood. cubic compressive strength ≥ 4mpa. Especially in steel structure engineering, the use of ALC panels as enclosure structures can give full play to its advantages of lightweight, high strength, good ductility, and strong earthquake resistance.

3. Fire-resistant and flame-retardant: Fire insulation board is inorganic, will not burn, and will not produce harmful gases at high temperatures. at the same time, the thermal conductivity of aerated concrete is very small, which makes heat migration slow, which can effectively resist fire and protect Its structure is not affected by the fire.

4. Convenient processing: Fireproof board can be sawed, drilled, ground, and nailed, which can more easily reflect the design intention.

5. Sound absorption and sound insulation: Depending on the thickness, the noise can be reduced by 30-50 decibels. the internal composition material (EPS polystyrene particles) of the lightweight slat series has good sound insulation performance and sound absorption function.

6. Adapt to bearing: wind load, snow load, and dynamic load.

7. Good durability: Fireproof board is a kind of silicate material, there is no aging problem, and it is not easy to be weathered. Refractory phenolic foam board is a durable building material, and its normal service life can fully match the life of various permanent buildings.

8. Environmental protection: Fireproof board has no radioactivity and no harmful substances overflow. Advantages of Fireproof board: In the production process, no pollution or hazardous waste is produced. When used, there will never be radioactive substances and harmful gases, even under high temperatures and fire. Each independent micro-bubble makes the air-entrained concrete product have certain impermeability, which can prevent the penetration of water and gas.

9. Economical and practical: Fireproof board can increase the usable area, reduce the cost of the foundation, shorten the construction period, reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning, and achieve energy-saving effects.

10. Convenient construction: Fireproof board is accurate in size and light in weight, which can greatly reduce the input of manpower and material resources. The dry construction method is often used in the installation of the board, which is simple and efficient and can effectively shorten the construction period.

Related parameters of Fireproof board

1. The 24-hour water absorption rate of the Fireproof board is 0.1%.

2. The appearance of the Fireproof board is no bubbling and delamination, and the color changes slightly, and there is no bubbling and delamination, and the color does not change.

3. Air duct plate of central air conditioner high-temperature resistance: 180 ℃, 20 minutes, no bubbling and cracking, a slight change in color, no bubbling and cracking slight color change.

4. The tensile strength of the Fireproof board is 55MPa, 59MPa, 71MPa, and 100.7MPa.

5. The static bending strength of the Fireproof board is 104.2MPa.

6. The bending performance (minimum bending radius) of the Fireproof board is 10 times the thickness.

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