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Procurement Method And Advantages of Sound Insulation Board

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Procurement Method And Advantages of Sound Insulation Board

In daily life, at home or in some public places, after installing the Composite aluminum foil flame retardant foam board, the noise can be relatively reduced. Sound insulation board is widely used in daily life and plays an important role in sound insulation. Do you know the purchasing method and advantages of a Sound insulation board?

Here is the content list:

  • How to purchase Sound insulation board.

  • What are the advantages of a Sound insulation board?

How to purchase Sound insulation board.

When choosing a Sound insulation board, the most important thing is to see if the Sound insulation board has a test report. Any board (material) can be called a Sound insulation board (material). . However, the sound insulation effect of various materials (boards) varies greatly. And when you buy the Refractory phenolic foam board, you have no way to identify its performance, and you have to wait until the construction is finished to feel its sound insulation effect. If the sound insulation effect is not good after the construction is over, a lot of money, time and energy have been wasted.

So when choosing a Sound insulation board, be sure to check whether the Sound insulation board has a test report from an authoritative laboratory. In terms of sound insulation testing in China, it is necessary to verify the testing qualification of the testing party. At least two testing institutions and laboratories authorized by China Metrology Certification CMA and China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment CNAS to be authoritative.

If the Sound insulation board (material) you will buy does not have an authoritative test report, but a principled product description, then the purchase risk is relatively high. At present, the sound insulation board with the best sound insulation performance is a damping sound insulation board with a constrained damping structure, which is composed of two building boards. Such as gypsum board, glass magnesium board, calcium silicate board, cement pressure fiberboard, and other materials that are formed by sandwiching a layer of polymer damping material in the middle, which is a newly preferred material in the field of green buildings. The Safety fire air duct has a large sound energy conversion and consumption principle in the damping layer, so the transmission is greatly reduced, the sound transmission coefficient is low, and the sound insulation is greatly improved. At the same time, the composite structure with polymer damping material plays the role of decoupling and vibration elimination, which greatly weakens the matching effect between the plate and the system, and significantly improves the sound insulation.

What are the advantages of a Sound insulation board?

1.Sound insulation board is environmentally friendly. As the preferred material for environmental protection, Sound insulation board is very environmentally friendly as a raw material. More importantly, it is all made of ruins and energy-saving materials. Therefore, it fully meets the national environmental protection standards, and it is also the first choice among green environmental protection materials.

2. The sound insulation board is cost-effective. For some owners whose budget is not particularly sufficient, there must be nothing wrong with choosing it. After all, one of the biggest advantages of a Sound insulation board is that the price is very affordable. Because the raw materials are very simple, and the post-processing is also quite convenient.

3. Sound insulation board has the advantage of high strength. Sound insulation boards can achieve very good sound insulation effects. It is produced by screw extrusion, so the strength is so high. In addition, the connection between its boards is in the form of concave and convex grooves, so the overall bearing capacity can exceed the strength of some ordinary brickwork.

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