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Interior Fiberglass Phenolic Board For Formwork

  • Air conditioning duct plate

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PF phenolic insulation boards (Phenolic Foam) are lightweight but strong thermosetting plastics and are considered to be one of the best rigid, closed-cell structure materials for thermal insulation at present being up to 50% more effective than other common insulation materials such as PIR. Closed cell content makes it highly resistant to water penetration. In fact, it is non-wicking material. This means that if water enters the insulation system due to the vapour barrier becoming punctured, any moisture ingress is limited and confined to the punctured area. This ensures moisture does not build up and compromise the whole system. Any moisture ingress is limited and confined to the punctured area. As they’re closed cells they shouldn’t absorb moisture or water vapour, unlike open cell products. Phenolic insulation achieves a lambda value of just 0.018 W/mK across all thicknesses. High density boards have a good compressive strength and are suitable even for floors. Phenolic foams are produced with densities in the range of 35 kg/m³ to 160 kg/m³ and are often used in particularly damp environments such as bathrooms and toilets. Phenolic boards will likely be the most expensive of all the rigid foam insulation options available on market, however being low thermal conductivity insulation enables high levels of thermal performance to be achieved utilising thinner sections of insulation. The exceptionally low thermal conductivity of closed cell phenolic foam boards means that appropriate insulation efficiency can be achieved with the thinnest possible material. Phenolic foam is typically made in 80kg/m3, 120kg/m3 and 160kg/m3 densities. It is produced in board form in various sizes and thicknesses.

Product Description
Name Aluminum Foil Laminated Phenolic Board Wind resistance strength ≤1500 Pa
Material Aluminum Foil, Phenolic Foam, Non-woven fabric Compression strength ≥0.18 MPa
Conventional thickness 20mm, 25mm, 30mm or as customized Bending strength ≥1.1 MPa
Length/Width (mm) 2000x1200, 3000x1200, 4000x1200 or as customized Leakage air volume ≤ 1.2%
Fireproof rating UL181/ASTM/BS476 PART6&7/A2 Thermal resistance 0.86 m2K/W
Density of core material 50-65kg/m3 Smoke density ≤9, no toxic gas release
Water absorption ≤3.7% Dimension stability ≤2% (70±2℃, 48h)
Thermal conductivity 0.019-0.02 W(mK) Oxygen index ≥45
Heat resistance -150 ~ +150℃ Duration of fire resistance >1.5h
Air flow max 15M/s Formaldehyde Emission ≤0.5Mg/L
Product Feature

Good flame retardant and fireproof performance


Weak acid and alkali resistance


Various specifications, support customization

Product application

Ventilation duct made of phenolic board


Ventilation duct made of phenolic board

Company Information
Various certificates



Product Category

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