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Identification and detachment of Phenolic board

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Identification and detachment of Phenolic board

Although there are all kinds of boards on the market, the morphological characteristics, functions, and uses of different boards are different. Everyone should have heard of the Phenolic board. The Phenolic board is a new type of fireproof and thermal insulation material that is popular in recent years, and it can well avoid fire accidents. So, how do we distinguish between good and bad? What are the reasons why the External wall fire insulation board will fall off and what are the methods to prevent the Phenolic board from falling off?

Here is the content list:

  • How to identify good or bad Phenolic board?

  • The reason why the phenolic board will fall off and the method to prevent the phenolic board from falling off.

How to identify good or bad Phenolic board?

1. Ask about the production process and density of the Phenolic board.

The Fire insulation board can be divided into assembly line board and mold board according to the process. The two boards can be combined with grid cloth mortar or interface agent, but the price is different. The price and strength of the board are closely related to the density of the Phenolic board. First of all, these issues must be agreed Be clear and avoid sellers' shoddy.

2. Identify the quality of the Phenolic board by touching and pressing.

Weigh, press, and rub the Phenolic board sample block to test the strength, brittleness, and whether the powder or slag falls off. The general density is about 55 kg, and the strength and toughness of the Phenolic board that meets the quality standards can meet the construction requirements of the exterior wall. Molding boards generally have the phenomenon of slag falling. The factory can ask for composite mesh cloth mortar or interface agent, which not only overcomes powder falling but also effectively improves the bonding strength and reduces water absorption.

3. Investigate the manufacturer and check the relevant qualifications of the manufacturer's Phenolic board.

When purchasing Ventilation duct heat shield, you must pay attention to choosing a regular manufacturer, because the products produced by regular manufacturers are controlled by strict quality supervision departments. Therefore, the products produced by such manufacturers have fewer quality problems than others.

The reason why the phenolic board will fall off and the method to prevent the phenolic board from falling off.

Why does the phenolic board fall off?

1. During the construction process, the construction was not carried out according to the construction standards, which caused the Phenolic board to fall off.

2. The quality of the Phenolic board is not up to standard, for example, the Phenolic board did not meet the national standard during the production process.

3. The bonded area between the Phenolic board and the wall is too small, resulting in an unreliable bond.

4. There is also a phenomenon of hollowing between the mortar and the wall, which makes the Phenolic board easy to seep water, and it is easy to cause it to fall off after a long time.

5. When using a Phenolic board for wall insulation, try to use a dry hanging type, so that the connection between the Foam sandwich panel and the wall is stronger.

6. Falsified specifications of Phenolic board insulation materials. Many low-priced Phenolic boards are completely inferior in specifications and quality, and bids are made by forging specifications.

How to prevent the phenolic board from falling off.

1. Choose some regular and powerful Phenolic board manufacturers. For example, our company belongs to the enterprise unit that is established by the national Phenolic board specifications. Now there are many Roof insulation board sales companies in the market, and they have no strength to produce Phenolic boards.

2. Do not use some low-priced Phenolic board materials. To reduce prices, many companies produce Phenolic boards that do not meet national standards at all.

3. In terms of construction, a regular enterprise team is adopted, and the construction standards of the wall are strictly followed by the building Phenolic board.

4. Phenolic board acceptance criteria must be formally accepted. For example, the specifications and parameters of the Phenolic board must be written in the contract to prevent fraud by Phenolic board manufacturers.

5. The bonding area between the Phenolic board and the exterior wall should not be less than 60%.

6. The Phenolic board has a certain weight. It is better to use the method of installing anchors to install it, which is safer and can effectively prevent it from falling off.

For more questions about the Phenolic board, please contact us. Years of accumulated experience in R&D and production will provide you with more product services and technical support! Our official website is https://www.wt-insulation.com/.

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