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Fireproof Vermiculite Coated Sewing Fiberglass Cloth

  • AL-HT2025


The composite glass fiber cloth with aluminum foil uses an advanced method to combine the materials. The aluminum foil surface becomes smooth and even, reflecting light well. It has strong tensile strength in both directions, allows air to pass through, and is watertight.

This cloth is used to seal and create a barrier for insulation materials like glass wool, rock wool, mineral wool, PEF products, rubber, and plastic products. It can be applied online to seal cotton felt, cotton board, and cotton pipe, as well as PEF board pipe, rubber, and plastic board pipe. It meets the needs of insulating and creating a vapor barrier for warm ventilation pipes, cold and warm water pipes, and building insulation. It helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the room throughout the year.

Product Description

These are the technical parameters of aluminum foil cloth AL-HT2025:

Main characteristics of aluminum foil composite glass fiber cloth

1. The improvement in corrosion resistance is significant: The surface of the glass fiber cloth aluminum foil undergoes a special anti-corrosion coating treatment, resulting in a significant improvement in its resistance to corrosion. Additionally, the use of the polyethylene hot air pasting method eliminates the need for composite adhesive, thereby removing the risk of corrosion and mold on the aluminum foil surface caused by residual moisture from the adhesive or solvent during the bonding process.

2. Direct hot pressing composite reduces the need for composite adhesive and lowers veneering costs.

3. The water vapor permeability is reduced, enhancing the water vapor barrier effect: The polyethylene layer in the middle of the glass fiber cloth aluminum foil is thicker compared to regular veneers, resulting in reduced water vapor permeability. As a result, the water vapor barrier effect is improved, ensuring reliable protection for thermal insulation materials like glass wool.

4. Better tensile strength and neater veneer: The mechanical strength of the glass fiber cloth aluminum foil is superior to that of reinforced aluminum foil, making it more suitable for online bonding. This results in a neater veneer appearance.

Development of Aluminum Foil Glass Fiber Cloth
The unique qualities of glass fiber fabric make it highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. It is an eco-friendly and non-polluting material with great potential for growth. It can be used in construction for doors, windows, and fans, as well as in various decorative industries. Glass fiber is also commonly used in the petrochemical industry, such as in underground oil storage tanks. Its excellent insulation properties make it ideal for power transmission and transformation facilities, composite cable cores, and glass lever towers. The application fields for glass fiber fabric are expanding rapidly. Furthermore, China is currently promoting the concept of sustainable development, emphasizing low-carbon and environmentally friendly practices, and encouraging scientific and technological innovation. This presents a fantastic opportunity for the rapid growth and development of China's glass fiber fabric industry. By seizing this opportunity and focusing on product development, marketing, production equipment, and technological advancements, glass fiber fabric will undoubtedly have a bright future.

Application of aluminum foil glass fiber cloth



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