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Insulated Glass Fiber Cloth Tape And Aluminum Foil Can Be Used As Fire Blanket Felt

  • AL-HT2025

  • WT


HT2025 18um油胶-1

AL-HT2025 is a combination of aluminum foil and fiberglass cloth that reflects heat and is backed with an environmentally friendly adhesive. It is perfect for insulating against heat and has the added benefits of vapor resistance. ALC400 is a fire-resistant fiberglass fabric that is laminated with aluminum foil, making it suitable for situations where there is a moderate amount of thermal insulation needed. ALC400M is an alternative option that includes a polyester film in addition to the aluminum foil.

Product Features

Good strength and abrasion

Excellent waterproof and vapor resistance


95% thermal radiant reflect

Flame retarded and high temperature resistance


Item No. AL-HT2025
THREAD COUNT WARP 8 per cm 20 per inch
WEFT 5.7 per cm 14 per inch
WIEIGHT 610 g/ m2 17.9 OZ/YD2
THICKNESS 0.75 mm 0.03 inch
COATING Aluminum foil/Metalized film
COATING THICKNESS 7micron/18micron/25micron 0.28mil/0.7mil/0.98mil
TENSILE WARP 8000 N/5cm 900 lbs/inch
STRENG WEFT 6000 N/5cm 800 lbs/inch
WIDTH 101.6 cm 40 inch
121.9 cm 48 inch
152.4 cm 60 inch
SERVICE TEMPERATURE Fiberglass is 550℃, while mucilage is 300℃

Aluminum foil thickness:7/14/18/25/36/50 micron

Coating: Aluminum foil/metalize film/F.R aluminized

Fiberglass cloth type: Plain weave/twill weave

Fiberglass cloth weight:95g/sm, 110g/sm, 200g/sm, 430g/sm, FW600, HT2025, HT3784, M24, M30, or as your requirement

Width: 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m

Length: 50m, 100m or as your requirement

Product specifications support customization.

Product application


1.Thermal insulation lamination.

2.Heat reflective blanket.
3.Insulation lining.


Relevant certificates: UL / SGS / MA / CNAS / EACC / IAF / Review of Fire Test Report / Class O Summary Report / Certificate of Compliance and so on.


Q:Can we customize the size of aluminum foil glass fiber cloth?

A:Tolerable. We support customers to customize the size of products according to their actual application scenarios.

Q:Do you produce all the products displayed on this website?

A:This is the official website of our company. We are a manufacturer integrating industry and trade.


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