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The Use And Prospect of Fireproof Board

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The Use And Prospect of Fireproof Board

Fireproof board, also known as Refractory phenolic foam board, is scientifically called thermosetting resin-impregnated paper high-pressure laminated board, and its English abbreviation is HPL (Decorative High-pressure Laminate). It is a refractory building material for surface decoration, with rich surface colors, textures, and special physical properties. Next, let's take a look at the use and prospects of a Fireproof board.

Here is the content list:

  • Use of Fireproof boards

  • What is the future of a Fireproof board?

Use of Fireproof boards

Fireproof boards can come in handy in many places, such as countertops, surfaces of furniture, treads of stairs, etc. Just press the Air duct plate of central air conditioner and the board tightly together. When choosing, it can be processed by the manufacturer according to your size and color requirements. Because it is a veneer, a Fireproof board can be handled very flexibly, so there will be many designs and colors, giving us a lot of room for choice. Compared with traditional materials, such as stone and wood, a Fireproof board is a mechanism product, so its performance will be more stable. There will be no problems such as discoloration, cracks, and water penetration.

What is the future of a Fireproof board?

As China and other countries in the world pay more and more attention to building fire protection, the use of wood-based combustible organic panels has been strictly limited in construction projects. However, inorganic Fireproof boards such as paper-faced gypsum boards and calcium silicate boards cannot meet the construction and application requirements of construction projects in terms of strength, toughness, water resistance, and secondary processing performance, resulting in certain resistance to promotion.

Fire insulation board has the binary advantages of the organic board and inorganic board. It's a large-format thin board made of modified magnesite material as cementing material and medium-alkali or alkali-resistant glass fiber cloth as underpinning material. It's substantially used for erecting hanging particulars, interior partition walls, and other corridors with fire protection conditions. This kind of board not only has the featherlight, flexible, and reclaiming performance resistance of inorganic boards. Numerous large systems in China have used glass magnesium Fireproof boards in decoration. After several times of operation practices, it has been proved that the use effect is good, and the import volume of this kind of plate is relatively large.

Since the External wall fire insulation board is a new product, some construction and production personnel have not yet mastered the production technology and construction technology, and some enterprises, are driven by economic interests, shoddy production, and sloppy construction. Users can't distinguish the good from the bad for this product, resulting in many accidents in construction projects, which has affected the development of Fireproof board materials. As long as the quality of the Fireproof board is well controlled, this product has a wide range of uses, good performance, and great eventuality for development. The products of some Incombustible board manufactories in the south are exported to foreign countries. The consumption in China is also adding time by time, which shows that the development prospect of this product is veritably auspicious.

For further questions about the Fireproof board, hello consult us. Our sanctioned website is https//www.wt-insulation.com/. Our company adheres to the service tenet of" client first", implements honesty-grounded and client-acquainted services, takes" excellent quality, multi-directional specialized support, and accurate delivery time" as its business gospel, and takes collective benefit and common development as a thing.

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