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Identification of Fireproof board

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Identification of Fireproof board

Fireproof board and melamine board are the common cabinet door panel materials in the cabinet market, but many owners and friends do not understand the difference between the two materials, and some manufacturers' sales staff also intentionally confuse these two materials, melamine The board is sold as an Air duct plate of central air conditioner. There are certain differences between these two materials, which will be briefly introduced here.

Here is the content list:

  • Melamine panel and Fireproof board door panel

  • Fireproof board veneer and melamine board

Melamine panel and Fireproof board door panel

Melamine board is also called double veneer board and one-time forming board. This kind of board is made by soaking the paper printed with color or imitation wood grain in melamine transparent resin and pasting it on the surface of the substrate for hot pressing. After the melamine resin is cured, the veneer has good physical parcels similar to wear and tear resistance and scrape resistance, so it's further suitable for the conditions of kitchen cabinetwork. As for the Fireproof board, its standard name is the Refractory phenolic foam board. Fireproof board is just people's customary saying, but it is not afraid of fire but has a certain fire resistance. The Fireproof board door panel is made of Fireproof board as the veneer, particle board as the base material (and density board is also used), and is made after pressing and pasting in the cabinet factory. Compared with melamine board, the processing of Fireproof board is more worrisome. The melamine board can be cut directly, but the Fireproof board needs to be sprayed with glue and pressed for more than a day with a press machine before it can be cut and used. Many decoration teams and cabinet factories do not have special machine-pressing plates, so they use some local methods to press the plates, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. This point also reminds possessors and musketeers that if you choose a press with Incombustible board door panels, it's also worth noting whether there's a professional pressing outfit.

Fireproof board veneer and melamine board

Fireproof boardveneer is generally composed of three layers: surface paper, colored paper, and base paper (multi-layer kraft paper). The surface paper and colored paper are impregnated with melamine resin components so that the fire-resistant board has physical properties such as wear resistance and scratch resistance. Multi-layer kraft paper makes the fire-resistant board have good impact resistance and flexibility. Fireproof board veneer is three layers, relatively thick. The veneer of the melamine board has only one layer, which is relatively thin. Therefore, generally speaking, the wear resistance and scratch resistance of a Fire insulation board is better than that of a melamine board, and the price of a melamine board is lower than that of a Fireproof board. Although both of them contain the same resin in the veneer material, the difference in consistency and structure leads to egregious differences in performance. The two cannot be generalized.

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