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7 features and technical expansion of Phenolic board

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7 features and technical expansion of Phenolic board

The Phenolic board can be used not only for building exterior wall insulation systems but also for prefab rooms, purification workshops, cold storage color steel sandwich panels, air-conditioning ducts, pipe insulation, curtain wall insulation, roof insulation, machine room cabinet insulation, equipment insulation, carbon crystal electric heating plate insulation and various fields that require thermal insulation. Next, let's take a look at the 7 features and technical expansion of the Foam sandwich panel. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • 7 features of Phenolic board.

  • Technical expansion of the Phenolic board.

7 features of Phenolic board.

1. The fire rating of the External wall fire insulation board is Class A, it will not burn when exposed to open fire, and it can maintain a good preventive effect at high temperatures of 180°C-250°C. If a 90mm thick Phenolic board is used for the experiment, it is impenetrable under the impact of a high flame for more than 1 hour, and the test under this flame will form black carbonization on the surface of the Phenolic board.

2. Phenolic board has excellent thermal insulation properties. The thermal conductivity of the Phenolic board is about 0.024W\u002Fmk, which is beyond the reach of many thermal insulation materials on the market. The Phenolic board is a nationally recommended thermal insulation product.

3. Phenolic board has excellent durability. The Phenolic board has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Even on a hot day with a high temperature of 50°C, there is no obvious shedding or fracture. Compared with other products, the Phenolic board has this feature.

4. The thermal conductivity of the Phenolic board is smaller and lighter. Its thermal conductivity is below 100㎏\u002Fm3 and can exceed about 50㎏\u002Fm3. The Phenolic board can reduce the weight of the building, reduce the load of the building, reduce the construction cost, and the construction is simple and fast, reducing the labor cost.

5. Phenolic board has excellent sound absorption characteristics, and the open-cell foam structure is more conducive to sound absorption.

6. Phenolic board adopts the new technology of fluorine-free foaming, no fiber, in line with national standards and international environmental protection regulations.

7. Compared with insulation materials of the same price, the quality of the Phenolic board is better. Compared to the quality, the price of Phenolic board is more affordable.

Technical expansion of the Phenolic board.

All Phenolic board manufacturers are committed to the modification research of Phenolic board and strive to improve the performance index of Fire insulation board and improve the brittle defect of Phenolic board. Composite-modified Phenolic board is more common as a modified product of Phenolic board. Composite interface agent or mesh cloth mortar on the surface of Phenolic board not only eliminates the disadvantage of slag dropping on Phenolic board, but also greatly improves the strength and toughness, and the fire protection level even reaches Class A. Non-combustible standard.

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