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What are the Precautions for Purchasing A Duct Board?

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What are the Precautions for Purchasing A Duct Board?

Home decoration will use a variety of decoration materials, and their uses are also different, but Steam pipe insulation board is the most versatile decoration material. It is used in the decoration of floors, furniture, or background walls, and all kinds of decoration materials are mainly made of Duct board. Especially when some families need to make furniture on-site, the requirements for the quality of the Duct board will be higher, and only a good Duct board can guarantee the quality of furniture. So people should pay attention to the quality of the Duct board when purchasing Duct board. Let me introduce some precautions for buying a Duct board.

Here is the content list:

  • Quality requirements for Duct board.

  • Choose big brands.

  • Open logo anti-authenticity.

Quality requirements for Duct board

Be sure to check whether the surface of the Duct board is flawed, whether the surface is smooth and free of burrs, and whether there are no problems such as slicing marks, glue penetration, and pollution. Choose an External wall fire insulation board with no cracks, cracks, knots, resin pockets, etc. on the surface. The warpage of the Duct board should be as small as possible to prevent the problem of sand penetration from the base material due to the immature process. Then pay attention to the appearance of the Duct board. The appearance of the entire Duct board should be bright in color, and beautiful in wood grain, and the material should be fine and uniform. The matching boards and parquets of the Duct board should be arranged according to the rules in terms of texture, the colors should be similar, and the seams and board edges must be very close. The structure of the glue layer of the Duct board should be stable, and there is no problem with the glue opening. Duct boards cannot have problems such as bulging, layering, and so on.

Choose big brands

When purchasing an Air duct plate of central air conditioner, you must choose a big brand, especially a Duct board brand with a relatively large influence in the industry. Because big brands have the strength and ability to produce Duct boards with higher environmental performance, to establish their image and maintain their brand value, big brands generally do not deceive consumers and pay more attention to product quality and service. Whether the Duct board is environmentally friendly is directly related to the indoor environment. Although it will not directly cause people physical diseases, it is not as scary as advertised on the Internet. However, environmental pollution will indeed cause people's immunity to decline, and their mental state will be poor. After a long time, our healthy bodies will slowly wear down. Indirectly, we may not be able to resist the erosion of viruses, which will cause diseases.

Open logo anti-authenticity

Be sure to see the logo. When purchasing a Duct board, you must carefully check whether there is an E0 logo on the guarantee and promotional content. Check the manufacturer's production trademark, carefully adhere to the production address, anti-counterfeiting marks, etc., and ask the dealer to take out the inspection report for inspection. Therefore, when we choose a Composite aluminum foil flame retardant foam board, we must choose an environmentally friendly Duct board. It is recommended to choose a Duct board product with an environmental protection grade of E0 and above. All the rabbit baby ecological boards are E0 grade, you can go to the rabbit baby store to experience it first.

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