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Principle And Installation of Sound Insulation Board

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Principle And Installation of Sound Insulation Board

When people are doing house decoration, they will consider the sound insulation of the house, and then they need to use the External wall fire insulation board. The sound insulation board has many advantages. Its sound insulation is very large, and its production and installation are not complicated. Sound insulation board has a high density, and this kind of board has effects such as waterproofing, heat resistance, and UV resistance. The sound insulation board is very malleable and can be controlled in various colors and shapes. When placed indoors, it can not only play a sound insulation effect but also decorate the house. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone. The Sound insulation board also has a long service life, generally, it can be used for 15 years without artificial damage. Next, let's take a look at the principle and installation of the Sound insulation board.

Here is the content list:

  • What is the principle of a Sound insulation board?

  • Sound insulation board installation.

What is the principle of a Sound insulation board?

1.Composite aluminum foil flame retardant foam board uses sound insulation material to block noise. There are many kinds of sound insulation materials, and the common ones are solid bricks, reinforced concrete walls, wood panels, gypsum boards, iron plates, sound insulation felts, fiberboards, and so on.

2. Strictly speaking, almost all materials have sound insulation effects. The difference is that the volume of the interval between different materials is different. The same material, due to the different surface densities, has relatively large changes in its insulation volume.

3. The volume of sound insulation follows the principle of the law of quality, that is, the greater the unit density of sound insulation materials, the greater the volume of insulation, and the surface density is proportional to the volume of insulation.

4. The Sound insulation board has the difference between air-isolated sound and vibration sound. Air Sound insulation board, that is, the board that blocks the sound transmitted in the air. The sound insulation board is a plate that blocks the sound that propagates in rigid components (such as reinforced concrete monolithic houses).

Sound insulation board installation.

To achieve a good sound insulation effect, the installation method of the Sound insulation boardmust be very simple, otherwise, it will be difficult to achieve the ideal sound insulation effect. Professional acoustic engineers know that if a wall can insulate X decibels in the laboratory, it can only insulate X-2 decibels in actual engineering, and the sound insulation effect is even lower. There are two main reasons why the sound insulation value of the wall in the actual project is lower than the laboratory test value: including the lateral sound transmission problem in the actual project and the installation quality of the wallboard in the actual project is not as good as the installation quality of the professionals in the laboratory.

Therefore, the installation of the Safety fire air duct must be simple. Otherwise, the on-site installers will make mistakes, causing the sound insulation value of the wall to fail to meet the sound insulation target. For example, elastic horizontal strips have been widely used in the United States, which itself is a good sound insulation method and product. Using elastic horizontal strips in the laboratory can increase the sound insulation effect of lightweight gypsum board walls by 5-10 decibels. However, in actual engineering, installation workers often cannot accurately install the panels on the elastic horizontal bars, resulting in a very limited improvement in the actual sound insulation effect of the wall. Therefore, the United States has gradually abandoned this wall sound insulation technology and means.

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