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Phenolic board acceptance criteria and differences

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Phenolic board acceptance criteria and differences

The Air duct plate of central air conditioner has a wide range of uses in life, and the help it can give people should not be underestimated. The Phenolic board is a kind of thermal insulation material, which has the characteristics of a good thermal insulation effect. The price of a Phenolic board is related to its quality and density because it has excellent characteristics such as being non-toxic, harmless, fireproof, lightweight, and wide application range. The specific price of the Phenolic board is still related to the density and thickness of the product. The higher the content and the thicker the quality, the better the quality and it is not easy to be damaged, so the price is also high, otherwise, the price is low. According to the different specifications of the Phenolic board, it is also suitable for different types of house insulation. Next, let's take a look at the acceptance criteria and differences of the Phenolic board.

Here is the content list:

  • Construction acceptance criteria for Phenolic board

  • What is the difference between a Phenolic board and extruded board?

Construction acceptance criteria for Phenolic board

Are you very familiar with Phenolic board, a thermal insulation building material? It is widely used in our lives due to its good thermal insulation performance, but how much do you know about the construction acceptance criteria of Phenolic board? First of all, after the Phenolic board is installed, the anti-cracking mortar construction of the protective layer should be carried out. The plastering of the protective layer adopts the two-layer plastering construction method of the bottom layer and the surface layer. At the same time, according to the design requirements, the surface of the insulation board with the reinforced mesh is also pasted or hung. At the same time, lay the reinforcing net on it, the paving of the reinforcing net should be completely pasted on it, and the anti-cracking mortar on the surface layer should be applied before the bottom anti-cracking mortar condenses. During the plastering construction of anti-cracking mortar, it should be disconnected at expansion joints, yin and yang corners, etc., to facilitate the lap joint of subsequent construction. And the plastering joints of Composite aluminum foil flame retardant foam board plastering construction should be 100mm wide plastering, and the method of composite Phenolic board plastering is the same as that of Phenolic board.

What is the difference between a Phenolic board and extruded board?

1. The fire ratings of the two are different. The fire rating of the Phenolic board is B1, but if it is a composite Phenolic board, the fire rating can reach A2. The highest fire rating of the extruded board is B1, so comparing the two, the former has a higher fire rating.

2. In addition, the changes of these two boards are different after being ignited by an open flame. The Phenolic board is not easy to burn when it is exposed to fire, but it will form black carbon without a pungent smell. After the extruded board is exposed to fire, it is easy to form the phenomenon of plastic burning, and it will have some pungent smell.

3. Foam sandwich panel is mainly made of phenolic foam, the main components of which are formaldehyde and phenol, which is a kind of flame-retardant insulation material. The extruded board is mainly a kind of board made of polystyrene resin and some other additives, and it also has a certain thermal insulation effect. The materials used by the two are different. It is relatively simple to distinguish these two types of boards. Although both are insulation materials, the insulation effect of Phenolic board will be better and the price will be higher.

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