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Introduction to the types and characteristics of Exterior wall panels

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Introduction to the types and characteristics of Exterior wall panels

The Exterior wall panel is a new type of building material developed by the decoration industry in recent years. The Exterior wall panel is mainly composed of polyester baking paint or fluorocarbon paint, carved aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate, polyurethane insulation layer, and glass fiber cloth. The main functions of the Foam sandwich panel are building decoration, heat preservation, energy saving, heat and sound insulation, waterproofing, and mold proof. Now it is mainly used in exterior wall decoration and energy-saving renovation of various buildings such as gymnasiums, libraries, school and hospital office buildings, and villas. Then I will tell you about the knowledge about Exterior wall panels.

Here is the content list:

What are the types of Exterior wall panels?

What are the main features of the Exterior wall panel?

What are the types of Exterior wall panels?

  • Fiber cement exterior wall hanging board. The use of fiber cement boards for exterior walls has become very common abroad, but it has been the work of the past few years in China. Because the fiber cement Exterior wall panel is fire-proof and anti-corrosion, thermal insulation, anti-aging, no radiation, low cost, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and easy to construct.

  • Metal exterior wall hanging panels. Metal cladding can be divided into two categories. One is the composite hanging board, which is mainly composed of three parts, and the surface is a high-quality colorful decorative metal plate treated with a special coating. The middle layer is a rigid high-density polyurethane foam thermal insulation layer treated with flame retardant. The bottom surface is an aluminum foil protective layer for heat insulation and moisture resistance.

  • PVC exterior wall hanging board. PVC exterior wall hanging board, which is a plastic profile with rigid polyvinyl chloride as the main body, is used for the exterior walls of buildings. It has the effect of covering, protecting, and decorating. PVC external wall hanging panels can also be recycled and recycled, and the energy consumption in the manufacturing process is lower than that of cement and ceramic tiles. It is a green building material that is conducive to environmental protection.

What are the main features of the Exterior wall panel?

1. Beautiful decoration: the outer metal panel can be made into various artistic appearances such as marble, ceramic tile, mosaic, wood grain, etc. after embossing and baking varnish, 110 colors, and textures are available.

2. Thermal insulation and energy saving: the thermal insulation material of the inner layer is rigid polyurethane foam, and the thermal conductivity is less than 0.024W/m·k.

3. The construction is simple: the dragon trunk hanger is used to connect with the wall, and the Thermal insulation foam board has lower requirements on the flatness or humidity of the base.

4. Durable: Polyester topcoat is coated on the surface of aluminum-zinc alloy steel plate by baking varnish process, and it will not fade after 10-15 years of outdoor use. The service life of aluminum-zinc alloy steel plates is more than 45 years.

5. Environmental protection: Exterior wall panels use environmentally friendly materials, assembly lines, and finished product installation. During construction and use, there will be no damage to the environment, and they can be recycled.

Of course, the Exterior wall panel has far more than the above-mentioned types, and there are many types to choose from. However, when people are planning to purchase Exterior wall panels when considering what Exterior wall panels, they should not only compare the price but more importantly, whether there is a guarantee of quality. It is indispensable among many decoration projects, and the Exterior wall panel is one of the important ones.

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