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Introduction and difference of Purification plate

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Introduction and difference of Purification plate

Purification plates and rock wool composite boards are both high-quality building materials. They are different and have many similar functions. You can choose according to your actual situation. Purification plate I believe that everyone will see it in real life. Many buildings, especially hospitals and disinfection rooms, as well as polyurethane Purification plate insulation projects, will use a Purification plate. Do you know what a Purification plate is? What is the difference between a Steam pipe insulation board and a rock wool composite board?

Here is the content list:

  • What is a Purification plate?

  • What is the difference between a Purification plate and rock wool composite board?

What is a Purification plate?

Purification plate has no pyrolysis drippings and is currently a high-grade fireproof building decoration composite material in China. The Safety fire air duct can be produced in fixed length and fixed width according to engineering requirements and assembled and installed. Not only can the basic engineering and structural engineering costs of the building be greatly reduced, but also can be disassembled and assembled many times, the construction and installation are convenient, and the comprehensive benefits are very significant.

The thermal insulation material used in the mechanism Purification plate is mainly cotton, which has a good thermal insulation effect and is used for the thermal insulation board of the outer wall. Mechanism Purification plate effectively avoids the "cold" phenomenon of the wall and achieves a better thermal insulation effect. Mechanism Purification plate 100mm thick R15 thermal insulation cotton thermal resistance can be equivalent to a 1m thick brick wall. The Purification plate wall adopts a high-efficiency energy-saving system, which has a breathing function and can adjust the dry humidity of the indoor air. The Roof insulation board can form a flowing air space above the interior of the house to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation requirements of the interior of the roof.

What is the difference between a Purification plate and rock wool composite board?

Purification plates can use rock wool, polyurethane foam, silica rock, glass wool, paper honeycomb, ceramic aluminum plate, glass magnesium board paper honeycomb nine kinds of core materials, color plate, zinc plate galvanized light plate, stainless steel, painted steel plate, aluminum There are dozens of surface materials such as falling paper PVC, plywood, fiber cement board, calcium silicate board, and more than 20 types of composite boards. The rock wool composite board fire isolation belt combines the construction process characteristics of the current polystyrene board external insulation system, and the surface is especially improved by mesh cloth and slurry bag compounding according to the characteristics of ordinary rock wool. It overcomes the weakness of ordinary rock wool, such as low peeling strength, easy damage, and easy part collapse, and ensures that the rock wool composite board fire isolation belt is similar to polystyrene board and other insulation materials, and the same construction process is well combined to ensure that the entire external insulation system It is not easy to produce cracks and cause leakage, damp and heat preservation failure. And it can bear the same weight, wind load, and outdoor climate as the external insulation without damage.

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